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blog for August 30, 2002
Pin-up toons
Showcase of artistic talents of Rion Vernon, an illustrator with a penchant for capturing the female form in a variety of mediums. -DK

Furby Autopsy
Ever wondered what makes a Furby (those mechanical furry toys that learn to perform tricks and respond to vocal commands) tick? This site dissects one for your viewing pleasure. -DK

see my Design
Create a custom floor plan by arranging furniture and seeing if a new furnishing will fit into an existing room. In seconds, you will be able to preview a photo-quality room with faux paint textures and colors. -LK

Business Owner's Toolkit
Their tagline "total know-how for small business" pretty much sums up this site. The content is informative and well-written, and covers the most comprehensive list of topics on running a business that I've seen so far. -LK

Colorful and exciting site that uses both flash & HTML in a curiously strong way! This website has a special flair to it, using a wide variety of both illustration & photography. Nice design, nice content, fun to look at and explore. -MCS

I-Hotelier "One Screen"
Awesome use of Flash MX to create an online one screen hotel reservations system. -MCS

Harris Bank
When I was trying to login to download my transactions so I could reconcile my account, an error message was presented upon trying to login. I clicked the 'Push to Talk' button (PC only I think) and was presented with the option of talking with tech support through the PC. I had to download a plugin, but it took seconds and I was talking with a rep through the computer. Pretty slick. -MJS

Chicago Tribune
Not only very informative but I recently went online to suspend delivery of the Trib to my house. Simple, easy, and quite useful. -MJS

Premier site for up-to-the-minute scores, news, and any other sports-related topics. I use this site heavily during the football season to track my fantasy players' performances. -MJS

My labor of love. A News / Fansite dedicated to the MMORPG Neocron (www.neocron.com). An extensive PHP based admin powers the site which averages 100,000 homepage hits a month, a number that is constantly growing. -TS

Egg Separator
It's amazing what you can find in your e-mail box. -TS

Zippo Tricks
Want to learn how to do cool tricks with a Zippo lighter? This site features step-by-step instructions and video examples of hundreds of different tricks! -AKY

Annoyances.org is the most complete collection of information assembled for and by actual users of Microsoft Windows. Explains workarounds for numerous caveats and tweaks for all flavors of Windows. -AKY

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