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blog for September 6, 2002
Duct Tape Fashion
Clothing accessories and other sundry items made completely from duct tape, for sale. - DK

Honda Robot
The auto manufacturer also makes a humanoid robot capable of doing much of what we can do; walk, wave, operate equipment - DK

Project VII Tutorials
This is a helpful site with various tutorials. They heavily use CSS in their pages and have a sharp looking and educational site - MJS

Fantasy Sports by CBS Sportsline
I access this site to do all of my Fantasy Football transactions. I have the ability to change my lineup, trade players, view real time scoring, chat with other members online, etc. I also receive an automated email containing news about the players on my team, standings, scores, etc. The downside is that last year this service was free and now this year it's costing us $10 per team to cover the $120 fee. - MJS

NASA: Liftoff Home
Want to see where different NASA spacecraft and satillites are? - AKY

Wine on the Web
The Talking Wine Magazine, featuring a guide to enjoyable and affordable wines. - AKY

Save Farscape!
Help Save Farscape! -- The SciFi Channel has decided to not renew season 5 of Farscape - only after a month ago touting the award winning SciFi series - and promising to carry seasons 4 & 5. Outraged fans across the globe are speaking out about this horrible decision. Find out how you can help. - MCS

Farscape World
The source for Farscape news - and another good source for info on how to save the show! - MCS

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