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blog for November 15, 2002
How Stuff Works
Ever wondered how stuff works, but never knew who to ask? This site has you covered. - lk

Cirque Du Soleil
Everything you wanted to know about the show that set the precedence for the modern family circus - LK

The Queen of Jordan's Website
Some people miss Priness Di -- to them I say go meet Queen Rania Al-Abdullah of Jordan. The refined, classy, beautiful Queen of Jordan bears a resemblance to Natalie Portman - although the Queen of Jordan surpasses even Portman in the beauty category. If you're looking for a dose of royalty to dream about, go here! -MCS

Villain Supply
Welcome to www.VillainSupply.com, Your Online Source For Everything EVIL. If you are a supervillain, mad scientist, warlord, dictator, or despot, then this is the place for you! - AKY

Find A Grave
Find the graves of famous and non-famous people around the world. - AKY

For all your PC Game, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation 2, Xbox, and GameCube needs. Great resource for tips, tricks, screenshots, news, reviews and more. - MJS

Chicago's Metra Train Line
Very helpful site providing all schedules and stops for all Metra lines in the Chicagoland area. - MJS

eye candy corn ball lightning bug
Zoomy.net is a three-pound turnip maintained by pter richardson. Please do not eat the turnip. -DMK

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