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How to manage your website with only a web browser

Freedom contains 25 complete applications (we call them modules) designed from the ground up to provide your website with capabilities that drive your business forward. If you use computer software like Microsoft Word or Excel, or Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, you know that the learning curve for complex programs can be steep. But not with Freedom. All the modules are built with the same interface, and are accessed in the same way. Once you learn the basics of using the administrator's view, you are ready to take control of your website.

* Some of the editor's visual features require Internet Explorer 5 or newer running on a Windows operating system. Other browers and operating systems can still edit content using a simplified view.

Making updates to your Freedom website is as simple as...

1. Choose the module you want to work with. Easy to identify icons help to guide the way.

2. Structured information that defines a page is entered by following the on-screen prompts or selecting options from a menu.

3. Work with free-flowing text using the visual editor just like you would a word processor. Formatting buttons let you control the appearance.

See Examples
Freedom modules make it easy to offer new products and services, and to open new revenue streams. See some examples of how modules can be used to empower your business.