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Internet Presence Consulting
InterCall Web Registration
Founded in 1991, InterCall is the largest privately held conference services provider in the world. The company serves more than 120,000 individual conference leaders in more than 30,000 organizations.


To promote more use of its conference call and online collaboration services, InterCall wanted a way to make these programs more accessible to its existing customer base. By providing a tool that allows their customers to create and accept online registrations for these services, InterCall has seen a significant increase in sales.


IPC created an event registration application that can be branded to match a customer's existing web presence. These high-power mini-sites can be seamlessly linked to and from an external web site to promote phone and web conferences for the customer's own employees or clients. Combining an easy-to-use interface with a powerful wizard-like process, custom event registrations can be created in minutes.

Now, client companies could administer their own InterCall-driven event listings, and maintain the individual look and feel of their own corporate identities. The administrative tools contain a full reporting user management system. Registrants for an event are sent both confirmation and reminder emails to ensure a high attendance rate. The system even handles past-events with its archive module, and a password-protected entry page makes sure that only invited guests can register.


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