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Internet Presence Consulting
why choose IPC
At IPC, we have some very simple goals when it comes to dealing with our clients. We make these goals apparent in everything we do; from the first time we talk on the phone, throughout our development process, to the day we deliver your finished product:

be honest. Life is not always a bowl of cherries; there is bound to be an occasional snag or bad news. We'd rather tell you up-front so we can resolve the issue as quickly and effectively as possible.

be friendly. You are not just a number on an invoice or some business card we tuck away into a drawer. We want to be an ongoing part of your business, and we want to put a smile on your face every time we communicate.

be on time. Deadlines and promises are important to us, so when we say you'll have it on such-and-such a date, that's when we'll deliver. Or sooner.